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Re: [tor-talk] Nice to meet you! / WhatsApp by Tor?

Em ter, 16 de abr de 2019 às 12:25, Nathan Freitas <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> On 4/16/19 11:48 AM, GTI .H wrote:
> > Please, how can I use Tor to hide the origin IP in WhatsApp Android?
> Since WhatsApp is executable code on your Android phone, it can access
> information about your device directly. This includes accessing your
> "real" IP address through local network information APIs.
> Orbot was not designed to protect apps on your phone from accessing the
> IP address of your device.
> An app like Signal or Telegram, which both have open source clients, are
> much more likely candidates to use as apps that don't lookup/track your
> local IP address.
> +n

Okay, but if you do not want to get caught by MATRIX, you can not put
personal information on your smartphone except a contact list.
the concern is with destination not to discover the origin.

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