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[tor-talk] Privacy add-ons for TOR

Good morning dear Torproject,

I am trying to contact you about the default add-ons already installed with
the TOR Browser. We only have two add-ons they are No-Script and HTTPS
Everywhere. I see that they are very useful tools, but there should be
other ones included such as Decentralyes (blocks tracking contents from
CDN's) , UBlockOrigin blocks adds and allows you to specifically allow
certain requests. Finally Cookie AutoDelete (Allows you to clean cookies
every time you leave an webpage).

I know this browser add-ons can generate a fingerprint that allows them to
track you, but what about if all TOR browser users had it then we all would
have same fingerprints.

This was my idea, but is to you to decide.
Thanks for keeping up the good work with TOR. Good luck.

Yours Sincerely,
Dihan Syed Rahman
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