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(FWD) private IP network ranges

[I'm forwarding this because Ben isn't subscribed to the list.

Ben: asking the Tor server at the other side of the circuit to be able
to get to your internal IP space doesn't make sense -- it couldn't
work. It also happens to be the case that no exit nodes allow exiting
to 192.168/16 currently, so you're probably getting a warning in your
logs explaining that no suitable exit server could be found.

In any case, I think the right answer for you is that many applications
(such as mozilla) have an "except" section in their proxies, and you
can put in the dns names that shouldn't go to your proxy. Does that help?

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From: Ben Hyde <bhyde@pobox.com>
Subject: private IP network ranges
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 16:14:53 -0400
To: or-talk@freehaven.net

Hi -

Doesn't look like this list has any traffic; but I'm a user so here 

I installed the newest stuff (no kidding) and it works!

But when my DNS returns sites in my private IP subnet (192.168.1.*) 
things just hang.   Help?

  - ben

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