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Re: minimise to system tray

I used this some more today.  Here's some more feedback:

1) When changing event levels in the Message Log, it appears to start
from the point where the levels changed, not merely filter according to
the new log levels.  Case in point, I had all selected Debug through
Error.  When unchecking Debug, I lost all log messages.

2) The bandwidth graph never shows numbers for Bytes Total, Bytes Read,
and Bytes Written.  I do see the graph update, and it appears to cover
the last 15 seconds of traffic.

This is the best app we have for systray at this point, and may possibly
warrant inclusion with the Win32 distro of tor in the future.

Good work overall.  It appears really stable and resource friendly.

On Sun, Jul 31, 2005 at 09:45:10PM -0500, Matt_Edman@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 4.0K bytes in 68 lines about:
: > What further testing do you think it needs to leave beta stage?  It
: Thanks trying it out and I will make your suggested changes to the
: installer this week.
: To leave beta, it really just needs people to use it. It especially 
: needs users of older Windowses (95/98/Me) to try it out. I would also
: like to get a bugtracker up somewhere, because I'm sure there are
: some bugs lurking.