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Re: chroot_server_problem!

Marco Gruss wrote:
Hi Oliver,

Oliver Niesner wrote:

But when i try to start tor with the command:
chroot -u _tor -g _tor /home/chrooted/tor /bin/tor -f /etc/tor/torrc

the - the following output is shown in the notice.log:
Aug 03 01:49:45.354 [warn] crypto_seed_rng(): Cannot seed RNG -- no entropy source found.

I suspect you might be missing /dev/random and/or /dev/urandom. You can create those by running mknod /home/chrooted/tor/dev/random c 1 8 mknod /home/chrooted/tor/dev/urandom c 1 9


Thank you for the quick answer but i think that is not the problem!

In that howto these devices are created and when i tried your suggestion i´ve got:
/home/chrooted/tor/dev/random: File exists
/home/chrooted/tor/dev/urandom: File exists

I really don´t know what happened :-/