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Re: Tor exiting: too many open files

On 8/8/05, Adam Langley <alangley@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 8/8/05, Nils Vogels <bacardicoke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > This morning I started my tor client, and this afternoon all was still
> > good. This eveing when coming home from work however, I saw that tor
> > had exited, and these were the famous last words:
> <snip>
> The first thing to check is that your limits are set high enough. I
> don't know BSD but the usual command is ulimit or limit. The limit
> you're looking for will probably be called file-max or fd-max or,
> possibly, descriptors.

These are default BSD values, which usually (unless im dealing with a
_really_ busy webserver) isn't a bit problem:

euforia# su - _tor
$ tcsh
> limit
cputime      unlimited
filesize     unlimited
datasize     524288 kbytes
stacksize    65536 kbytes
coredumpsize unlimited
memoryuse    unlimited
vmemoryuse   unlimited
descriptors  1735
memorylocked unlimited
maxproc      867
sbsize       unlimited

Wouldnt 1500+ filedescs be enough ?


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