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Re: Tor nodes question

1 and 2 - use entrynodes, exitnodes StrictExitNodes
and StrictEntryNodes, making sure that entry and exit
nodes are in different continents. Check out for a
list of tor nodes by country:

As for 3, if all the Tor servers are controlled by the
adversary, you are indeed traceable.


--- mw_prev1@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I've just started using Tor and would appreciate
> any help with a few points I'm unsure about.
> 1. Is it possible to restrict entry/exit nodes by
> geographical location of the node?
> 2. Is it possible to ensure that each node in the
> circuit is located in a different country?  What
> are the chances that all 3 nodes will be located
> in the US, for example?  Is there any way to
> tell if this has happened?
> 3. Is it possible to trace individual packets back
> through the 3-node circuit?  If the exit node
> knows which node sent the packet, and that node
> (middle node) knows the entry node, and the entry
> node knows your IP, then couldn't someone trace 
> any packets leaving the exit node back to source?
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