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Re: Tor servers on port 443 and 80

On Wed, Aug 10, 2005 at 01:49:43PM -0700, Bob Monfort wrote:
> I previously disabled port 80 exits because my AV program was doing some

> > Could you please consider running your server at ports 443
> > and 80 (if at all possible) ?

Martin wasn't asking people to open up more ports 80 and 443 in exit
policies. He was asking people to change their ORPort to 443, and change
their DirPort to 80. This is for when people use you as their entry node.

This matters because some Tor users are behind restrictive firewalls
that only allow certain ports to get to the Internet.

Windows Tor servers who aren't doing something else with these ports
can just change the entry in their torrc. The only catch that I'm aware
of is that some ISPs filter incoming connections to these ports. So
if you change it and your Tor server is suddenly convinced that you're
unreachable, change it back. :)

> Does a tor node write any of the connections it is relaying to temp files
> ever?

No, we never write any streams to files.