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Re[2]: Gentoo's response on them blocking access to their forums via Tor

Hello Pat,

Wednesday, August 10, 2005, 7:18:38 PM, you wrote:

PF> Dunno if this helps or not, but this is what it says on the Gentoo Web
PF> (announcement page, linked below):

PF> "Tor network servers banned on the Forums

PF> The Tor Network is an anonymous Internet communication system that
uses a
PF> distributed network of servers to bounce communications around. People
PF> able to use tor to browse the Gentoo Forums until some malicious users
PF> started abusing the forums. As you might have already guessed, using
PF> hides your IP address, so it works similarly to a kind of anonymous
PF> The gentoo forums staff, due to this abusive use of tor servers, has
PF> to ban all tor servers that have an exit policy allowing connections to
PF> forums.gentoo.org on ports 80 (HTTP) and/or 443 (HTTPS). We are
PF> that our users might want to preserve their anonymity, however there
PF> seem to be a good technical or legitimate reason to use tor on the
PF> Forums.

PF> In an effort to purge the abuse of the Tor Network generating the least
PF> problem to our users, only Tor servers with an exit to
forums.gentoo.org on
PF> the ports above stated will be banned. If they have those exits
PF> they'll automatically be unbanned. Please, notice that this process of
PF> retrieving the list of Tor servers is performed automatically and that
PF> might take a while to have the ban-list synced."

Chuckle, how about making the list of Tor servers a hidden service
only available to registered and active Tor server operators? :)

The old saying, if you can't beat them, join them?

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Or, only list the country of the server and not the IP address.  Seems
to me, I would only be interested in the country the server was
operating from if I wanted to route through all foreign servers.

Best regards,
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