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Re: DNS_leaks

I looked at modifiying dproxy to do what you describe, it seems the
the modification could be as "simple" as replacing the call to
gethostbyname() with the dns lookup function from tor-resolve.

The code to dproxy is tiny, if somebody wants to take a crack at it,
please do. I just don't have the time right now.


On 8/11/05, Oliver Niesner <digi_news@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was thinking about the DNS-leakage problem for a while and read the
> available howtos/wikkis but couldn´t solve it like i want.
> Most of the wikis give a solution if programm foo has no socks4a support
> and how to solve this with eg. socat
> What i want to do is that all dns-requests from the local machine go
> through tor.
> Is this possible?
> Or do i have to do it manually for each application that do a DNS query?
> Hope someone can help me
> Olli