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Re: A couple of dumb questions

The Tor wiki documentation has a little page/graphics about this I think. I just remember looking through a bunch of stuff like this recently, but I unfortunately didn't pay attention enough to remember it's URL (was looking for other information). Off the bat, I would say that uptime is probably in seconds. I did a little math, and assuming that I'm right, that's what it is ;). bandwidth figures are in bits, I believe. Like I said, all this is just based on some semi-arbitrary division, so take any and all responses from developers over mine!

As for the opt-time stuff, I'd venture a guess that it has to do with the last time your verified and/or posted to the "currently active" directory listing that all the Tor clients and servers use.


Roadburner wrote:

Hello all,

First, my warmest regards to those that helped me get a server up
and running.
Sorry to ask some probably very dumb questions. Please forgive me
for my naivety. I am by no means a computer expert. For me, a PC is
just a tool to accomplish something like writing a document,
programming a process controller (PLC), E-mail, etc.

 Just wondering what the meaning and terms are for my server as shown
 at: http://moria.seul.org:9031/

 uptime 222195
 I suppose that means how long the server has been up. I don't
 understand the units of measurement.

 bandwidth 2097152 5242880 119386
 Could someone please explain what the 3 numbers mean? I know what
 bandwidth is but don't understand the measurement.

 opt write-history 2005-08-14 20:26:52 (900 s) 29722622, etc, etc.
 opt read-history  2005-08-14 20:26:52 (900 s) 22469916, etc, etc.
 Here, I haven't the foggiest clue as to what that means.

 Again, I apologize if the questions I have were answered somewhere
 else. I did a search of the FAQ (TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ - Noreply
 Wiki)for each of the terms but found no explanations.