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Re: Gentoo's response on them blocking access to their forums via Tor

Are they afraid of trolling or spamming?

Gustavo Felisberto wrote:
Evert wrote:
Tor network servers banned on the Forums

In an effort to purge the abuse of the Tor Network generating the least
problem to our users, only Tor servers with an exit to forums.gentoo.org
on the ports above stated will be banned. If they have those exits
removed, they'll automatically be unbanned. Please, notice that this
process of retrieving the list of Tor servers is performed automatically
and that it might take a while to have the ban-list synced.


I am a Gentoo Developer (I'm no demigod S.K. :) ) I maintain the tor
ebuilds. I am a forum moderator (altough in the past months i have not
used the forums much) And i followed this thread and the one in the
moderators forum with interest. I can now assure the Tor users that work
is being done to allow tor users read-only access to the forums (the
GET/POST idea would make the use of search impossible).