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Re: Server Hacked

Personally I think that you would find alot of mostly related information at


under tools they have some programs that allow you to interrogate hacked comps.
The thing that might be most interesting is to look in the
"whitepapers" section and see how they respond to their hacked
computers. I realize that this isn't a how-to or a step by step, but I
am pretty certain that the information will be useful to you.

Good luck


> Anyway, this is getting even more off-topic.
> I'm still sort of surprised that this group of what I thought was fairly
> skilled developers hasn't provided one link or suggestion on how best to
> 1) identify the vulnerability exploited on a hacked server or 2)
> identify the likely perpetrator of a defacement. Searching around I find
> lots about how to prevent hacks in the first place but very little
> that's helpful in dealing with it once it's happened.
> Brian