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(FWD) News item re: anonymous tips

Interesting find. Of course, Tor wouldn't entirely solve the problem here,
since presumably only so many people live in the neighborhood, and random
retaliation might work just fine. Still, something to keep in mind.

Thanks Jason,

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Good justification for anonymity:


New Orleans Murder Rate Not In Sync With Rest Of Nation

POSTED: 1:56 pm CDT August 18, 2005

NEW ORLEANS -- Murder rates have fallen dramatically in many major U.S. 
cities -- but that's not happening in the Big Easy.

Although the murder rate in New Orleans is lower than it was a decade ago, 
it's rising and is nearly 10 times the national average.

A criminologist said the city's trend is the reverse of 46 of the top 50 
cities in the United States.

Experts said the trend in the city that's home to the popular French Quarter 
exists for several reasons -- drugs, too few police, inexperienced 
prosecutors, and residents staying quiet because they fear retaliation.

They point to an experiment last year by university researchers in which 
police fired 700 blank rounds in a New Orleans neighborhood in a single 

No one called police to report the gunfire.

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