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Re: [take 2] tor- 'make check' failure on OSX 10.4.2

Freaky. Do you use this option a lot?

OpenMacNews wrote:

Weird. Is this 'make check' thing BSD-centric?

no. it's a standard part of the gnu build system ...

I've never seen that
recommended for anything in Linux before. What does it do exactly?

per, e.g., <http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~iam/docs/tutorial.html>

"Support for test suites. You can very easily write test suite code, and by adding one extra line in your `Makefile.am' make a check target available such that you can compile and run the entire test suite by running make check."

if i'm reading the makefile correctly, a 'check' target *is* defined here ...