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Re: Injecting client data through your own server

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 12:52:38AM -0500, Arrakis Tor wrote:
> I was reading some of the archive on routing through your own machine
> and I was interested to implement it. Encrypting the data before it
> leaves your own machine sounds advantageous. However I am encountering
> a problem. When i config my entrynode to by my own server, i see

If you're using Tor, your traffic is always encrypted before it leaves
your computer.

There have been some theories about setting your Tor client to point to
your Tor server as its first hop. The theory is that this way you know
that your first hop is safe. But whether this is actually safer is a
matter of debate among the researchers still. (I am slowly coming to
believe that it is less safe.)

So setting entrynodes on your Tor server to go to itself for the first
hop makes no sense, since it's already at itself (think of it as the
zeroth hop).

Can you point me to the docs that made you think this way? A lot of
people are being confused and I really want to fix whatever is confusing
in the docs.