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Re: configure/verify SSH connect thru Squid+Privoxy+Tor?



Enjoy!  :)

Using ssh via tor will give you the latter 2, i wouldn't force ssh
through privoxy + squid, just use tor directly.  However, ymmv.

well thanks again. though this is 'thick' enuf, i have to print it out to stare at it ... i know, so very "90's".

but <waxing philosphical & general silliness> ...

"Torify". hmmmm. a new verb.


   "To Google, or NOT to Google, that is the question ..."

should it be"

   "To Torify, or NOT to Torify, that is the question ..."

or, rather, simply:

   "To Tor, or NOT to Tor, that is the question ..."



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