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Re[2]: WinXP_client_problem

Hello phobos,

Friday, August 26, 2005, 4:51:01 PM, you wrote:

pro> Have you tried restarting Tor on Windows?

pro> If so, are you running the default config?  privoxy? does windows
pro> firewall or antispyware block tor?

Thanks for your answer, but this wasnŽt the problem.
I guess that i had the most problems on wednesday last week and that
was the day with less performance than usual.

see: http://www.noreply.org/tor-running-routers/totalTrafficWeekly.html

Maybe the xp-client has more problems with such situations than the
one i use on Linux.
I checked the logs on both systems and on Linux there were the same
notices but not as many as on the XP-machine, so i think the
client on Unix based systems works better but i cannot proof that.

In the moment of this writing everything works fine ;-)

Best Regards,