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Google geolocation

OK... I am a big one for admitting when I was wrong.
I was wrong.
The Hosts file, while a good Idea, will not help with the tor -> google issue. Google will serve up whichever version of google you need based on your IP from any of their servers that you request it from.
a ping of www.google.com with an unmodified hosts file reveals the IP:
a ping of www.google.ie (Ireland) shows the IP:
so I changed the hosts file with the line        www.google.ie

I flushed the DNS thru ipconfig and then surfed to www.google.ie and was given the google ireland page. this was strange so I ping'd www.google.ie and was shown the new IP.  so my computer is going to the English Google's IP address and retrieving www.google.ie. I figure that they are just smart over there at google and serve up which ever google you request no mater which server you connect to.

I then realized that they are handling the web page change on their end of the connection (@google) so changing the IP address of www.google.ie on my end wouldn't help. I admit defeat.

On the other hand I now have a much better handle on the hosts file and the DNS service in windows.
I now have to endorse www.google.com/ncr as probably the only solution to this problem.

good luck to all