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RE: Slashdot banning Tor?

Yes, I get it also.  And adding there subnet (ExitPolicy reject doesn't stop them from banning the ip of the tor server,
even though it doesn't exit to them ever.

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> Subject: Slashdot banning Tor?
> I've been seeing this message when I try to login to slashdot.org:
> "This IP address or network has been used to abuse the system
> and logins
> from it have been disabled. If you feel that this is unwarranted, feel
> free to include your IP address ( in the subject of an
> email to banned@xxxxxxxxxxxx, and we will examine why there
> is a ban. If
> you fail to include the IP address (again, in the subject!), then your
> message will be deleted and ignored. I mean come on, we're good, we're
> not psychic."
> I get the same message when I go through other exit nodes too.  Anyone
> else seeing this?  Has anyone tried contacting them?
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