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Re: Script for starting private Tor networks

Good code, just by looking at it, it seems very portable. Before I go testing it on Win32, though, it shouldn't screw up my existing config files, etc. if they are present right? (Just want to be sure)


Adam Langley wrote:


It follows the steps at
but it's a lot quicker than doing it by hand for many nodes.

usage: make-private-tor-network.py [options]

 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
 -b BINARY, --tor-binary=BINARY
                       location of the tor binary
 -n BASENAME, --base-name=BASENAME
                       base name of the directories and nicknames of the
 --base-port=BASEPORT  lower most port number to start assigning from
                       number of dirservers
 -o NUM_NODES, --num-nodes=NUM_NODES
                       number of non-dirserver nodes
                       location of a file which is appended onto the
                       generated configs
                       the path in which to create the directories

The output is a script to start the network which can either be put in a file or pasted into the console: % python make-private-tor-network.py -b ./tor -e extra-config -o 10 -d 2 ./tor -f ./nodeD0/torrc & # or: 3000, dir: 3001, socks: 3002 ./tor -f ./nodeD1/torrc & # or: 3003, dir: 3004, socks: 3005 ./tor -f ./nodeN2/torrc & # or: 3006, dir: 3007, socks: 3008 ./tor -f ./nodeN3/torrc & # or: 3009, dir: 3010, socks: 3011 ./tor -f ./nodeN4/torrc & # or: 3012, dir: 3013, socks: 3014 ./tor -f ./nodeN5/torrc & # or: 3015, dir: 3016, socks: 3017 ./tor -f ./nodeN6/torrc & # or: 3018, dir: 3019, socks: 3020 ./tor -f ./nodeN7/torrc & # or: 3021, dir: 3022, socks: 3023 ./tor -f ./nodeN8/torrc & # or: 3024, dir: 3025, socks: 3026 ./tor -f ./nodeN9/torrc & # or: 3027, dir: 3028, socks: 3029 ./tor -f ./nodeN10/torrc & # or: 3030, dir: 3031, socks: 3032 ./tor -f ./nodeN11/torrc & # or: 3033, dir: 3034, socks: 3035