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Re: Tor Question

On Tue, Aug 01, 2006 at 09:13:47PM -0500, Arrakistor wrote:
> What  is  the  maximum  time  it should reasonably take to build a tor
> circuit if you are on dialup? Assume 33.6kbps modem.

It could be a really long time. The reason for this is that you probably
spend the first n minutes downloading pieces of the directory, and Tor
isn't really set up to prioritize circuit-building during this process.
(In fact, for security reasons you shouldn't try to build circuits
until you have the whole directory, because if you take any actions
before that, the adversary will know what servers you know about and
what servers you don't know about.)

Making Tor suitable for dial-up is on our list, but there are a lot of
things on our list and this is a hard one to do right.

> Also, Torpark is about to be released. New Look, New Features,
> faster,  stronger,  smarter,  all-natural and no preservatives. Anyone
> want to try it out?

You will probably want to include the new Tor stable release;
the official announcement is pending on getting win32 packages though,
so it isn't quite ready for you yet.