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Re: Using Tor signals on Win32 NT (eg. pseudo-signals)?

Open a socket connection to the Tor process's control port and send the desired plaintext commands. You can't natively open sockets with a windows batch files, but you can with Monad (renamed to PowerShell), the new command shell and scripting from Microsoft. Although it's marketed for Windows Vista, it works with any NT-based OS (e.g., XP, NT, Server 2003, etc) and is a free download. WIth PowerShell, you have native access to any .NET and/or COM object--including socket wrapper objects.


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Sent: Wednesday, August 2, 2006 4:18:14 PM
Subject: Using Tor signals on Win32 NT (eg. pseudo-signals)?


I read the thread "Tor Question" and I am curious
about sending the NEW NYM signal (among others).

Could someone please detail or post links describing
how Tor pseudo-signals can be used with Win32 NT (XP)?
I am physically disabled and would prefer the use of
command line (or other methods) if it is at all

I wish to make a batch file that will send a NEW NYM
pseudo-signal to Tor before the batch starts Gaim-IRC
(for example).

I read Rogers response to Arrakistor and was hoping
someone could shed a bit more light and detail:

>We fake this by letting you connect on the
>and send the string "signal hup", aka "signal
>Then Tor behaves as though you just sent it a
>unix-style signal.

How does one connect to the controlport and send the
string "signal new nym"?

I am also interested in a pseudo-signal for gracfully
killing Tor when I am running a node.  What signal is
used to gracefully shutdown Tor so the node does not
does not break any LongLived connections?

Thank you for any help given, Anogeorgeo

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