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OSX Universal Binaries Test

I have built Universal Binary packages for OSX PowerPC and Intel users.
If those with Intel Macs could test them out and provide feedback, I
appreciate it.  I'm looking to make the Universal Binaries the default
for all future releases.  Tor and Vidalia run as native x86 or ppc
applications with these test packages.  Privoxy will continue to run
under emulation on Intel OSX until I can convert the Privoxy install
packages to Universal Binaries.  

I have created and signed them with the same key that has made OSX
packages for a year now, aka mine.  You can confirm this with the .asc
file.  Compare it to current release dmg files on tor.eff.org if you'd

The packages can be found at http://interloper.org:8080/tmp/.  The
webserver strips all unique information out of the access log; same as

Feel free to reply to me directly with constructive feedback.  Thanks!