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Re: Tor bug?: AllowInvalidNodes

On Tue, Aug 15, 2006 at 07:46:10PM -0700, Torette's Syndrome wrote:
> Lately there's been (on average) around 25-30 servers in the 149.9.xxx.xxx 
> 154.35.xxx.xxx (PSINET - Washington, DC) range, all high bandwidth.
> netstat and showmyip.com reveal that an IP in that range are (~90% of the time)
> both entry and exit nodes for a least the last month.
> That CAN'T be a good thing.

True. I've been eyeing those servers for a while now. I believe the
correct fix (rather than trying to hunt down the operator(s)) is to put
in the patch that's been on the TODO for a while, to treat nodes in the
same /16 as in the same family, even if they don't explicitly volunteer
that information.

Hopefully that will be in rsn, depending on when we get time to actually
do dev work. :}