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Re: Tor and Google Image search

Shatadal wrote:
> I think I should have been clearer. When I do a search for a term, say
> "tor" I get the search results page with all the hits, but the thumbnail
> images which should be present in the results page are not there and
> instead there are the broken image links. If I click on such a link then
> I am taken to the next page where on the top there is the thumbnail
> image and below that is the original page (context) where the image is
> found.
> It is only in the search results page do I see the broken image links
> and not the thumbnails.
> Thanks.

Perhaps I should have been clearer too, but I used tor to do a couple
Google image searches and the search results pages had all the
appropriate image thumbnails that you apparently are not getting. I used
tor on Debian to do these searches. That is to say, there's nothing
wrong with tor and Google image searching generally. Rather, there must
be something not quite right at your end, which could merely be network

This sort of thing happens... The other day I couldn't get tor to
connect to any Yahoo! page. I didn't assume anything was wrong with tor.
I just figured the current tor connection I had wasn't working so great
and would try again later.