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Re: Traffic Logging Suggestion

On Thu, 2006-17-08 at 18:13 -0700, Anothony Georgeo wrote:
> Unixgu.ru doesn't seem to be running tor.unixgu.ru
> anymore as I can't find this server or derivaties on
> <http://serifos.eecs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/exit.pl> .
> Just to be extra cautious I added there old nic to my
> ExcludeNodes list.
> GeoIP data:
> Server: tor.unixgu.ru
> IP Address:
> Organization: EUserv Internet
> Country: Germany
> City, State: Jena, 15
> WhoIS:
> Organization Name:  RIPE Network Coordination Centre
> Address: P.O. Box 10096
> City, State: Amsterdam ,
> Postal Code: 1001EB
> Country: NL 
> Anogeorgeo
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From some googling I did the Nickname for the tor.unixgu.ru node seems
to be/have been torxunixguxru I used that in my ExcludeNodes. After
seeing your post I did some double checking and the IP addys match what
you posted here.

I would also like to thanks Michael Holstein for bringing this point up
(back up?).

  Although I strongly Disagree with uinxgu.ru's actions. There does seem
to be a need to educate users to the limitations of Tor. I look around
after my earlier post (Sorry, Nick, et al  I really didn't mean to fuel
that. I was genuinely trying to be helpful.) and found that there is
already a very nice write up in the Tor Wiki on the lines of "can and
can't do". I do think there is a need for a more condensed version with
a link or links to the nice write up on the Wiki. The condensed version
being very to the point. i.e. Tor will not protect e-mail,telnet,etc
passwords, Tor wont make you anonymous if you use it to log into your
(pre-existing) Yahoo account, etc. 

  Many home users I help have only the most limited concept of
computer/Internet security issues and sadly no patience for reading
anything the seems even remotely technical. I'm still willing to take a
stab at writing it as long as the Dev's will proof read if and make sure
I don't make any embarrassing misstatements. 

  I think the hardest part will be explaining clearly what Tor CAN do in
a non technical way. 

Take Care


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