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Re: Tor bug?: AllowInvalidNodes

On Thu, Aug 17, 2006 at 04:28:38PM +0000, crackedactor@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Even today for the new term invalid the eff site reads as follows:
> "AllowInvalidNodes entry|exit|middle|introduction|rendezvous|... 

Thank you for your bug report. I've updated the man page entry for

The meaning of "unverified" changed in the release on
April 8, 2005: http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/Apr-2005/msg00065.html

It was then included in the stable release in June 2005:

This is why we write, and announce, ChangeLogs. I'm sorry that you were
confused. However, we really do need to spend our limited time working
on Tor, not explaining to people about Tor. We are happy that in some
cases volunteers have stepped up to help out with the latter.

> <big flamewar material snipped>

Please remember that almost 600 people (would like to) read every
message that goes to or-talk. Please keep messages on-topic, civil,
and *concise*.

You are showing many characteristics of being a troll, and trying to
incite flamewars. I know you may be upset, but you don't have a right
to insult or yell at people here. You do have a couple of useful points
(like the bug report above), but the manner in which you present them
is very offensive.

You started the name-calling and accusations; please stop or I'm afraid
I will remove you from the list to preserve what little signal-to-noise
ratio we still have.