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Re: tor trying to pop mail from random IPs on win32

Perhaps you have a compromised version has become a zombie:

----- Original Message ----
From: Tor question <torquestion@xxxxxxxxx>
To: or-talk@xxxxxxxx
Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2006 8:04:05 PM
Subject: tor trying to pop mail from random IPs on win32

Is there a reason why tor would try and POP mail from random IPs while running in Windows?  I have a log from AVG Antivirus that shows tor is trying to POP mail.  The process number is tor's process id number at the time that it happens.  Also, I do not have any mail client installed on that machine that might be trying to POP mail

19.7.2006 13:52:48.010 [360] AutoPOP3(10110): Connection from process 3792
19.7.2006 13:52:48.010 [360] AutoPOP3(10110): Connection from
19.7.2006 13:52:48.010 [360] AutoPOP3(10110): Will connect to
19.7.2006 13:52:48.010 [b28] AutoPOP3(10110): Client connected
19.7.2006 13:52:48.010 [b28] OpenInternet = 0
19.7.2006 13:52:48.010 [b28] AddTrayIcon()
19.7.2006 13:53:09.025 [b28] AutoPOP3(10110): Cannot connect to EATcf-494p116.ppp15.odn.ne.jp:110
19.7.2006 13:53:09.041 [b28] AutoPOP3(10110): Connect: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host. (10065)
19.7.2006 13:53:09.041 [b28] AutoPOP3(10110): PROXY:S:-ERR AVG POP3 Proxy Server: Cannot connect to the mail server!
19.7.2006 13:53:09.041 [b28] CloseInternet = 1
19.7.2006 13:53:09.041 [b28] RemoveTrayIcon()
19.7.2006 13:53:09.244 [b28] AutoPOP3(10110): Client disconnected
19.7.2006 13:58:59.510 [2f0] Offline connection detected
19.7.2006 13:59:09.869 [2f0] Exiting
19.7.2006 13:59:12.088 [2f0] End of program
19.7.2006 13:59:12.088 [2f0] AVG for E-mail ended

Thanks in advance


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