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Re: Exit Node sniffing solution...an idea...

On 8/21/06, Michael Holstein <michael.holstein@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you're using TOR, you shouldn't be
using your name in the first place (what's the point of *anonymously*
identifying yourself?).

I know there are other arguments for TOR like defeating geolocation, but
if that's all you're after, there are easier ways to do it (like just
rent a shell account somewhere and use SSH redirection).


It's not just defeating geolocation.  It's about not having your IP
address tied to your identity (at least, not without collusion with
your ISP).

I suppose renting a shell account somewhere and using SSH redirection,
only when identifying yourself and for no other purpose, would solve
approximately the same purpose.  But that's a lot more complicated
(and a little more expensive) than just using Tor and making sure you
clear your cookies before logging in and after logging out of any
services where your identity is revealed.

Plus you'd have to have a different SSH account for every single
pseudonym you use.