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Re: tor trying to pop mail from random IPs on win32

On Sat, Aug 19, 2006 at 05:04:05PM -0700, Tor question wrote:
> Is there a reason why tor would try and POP mail from random IPs while
>running in Windows?  I have a log from AVG Antivirus that shows tor is
>trying to POP mail.  The process number is tor's process id number at
>the time that it happens.  Also, I do not have any mail client installed
>on that machine that might be trying to POP mail

What version of Tor? What version of Windows? Have you changed your
Tor configuration at all, e.g. are you a Tor server?

If you are just a Tor client, perhaps there was a Tor server running
on There's no rule that traffic on port 110 will
necessarily be pop traffic. But I don't think there was a Tor server at
that address.

If you were a Tor server, perhaps somebody tried to connect to port 110
via you?

It's unlikely that this is a rogue or zombie Tor. More likely, it is a
hyperactive anti-virus program. But, hard to say without more details.