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Re: Snakes On A Tor


I have another idea. With Snakes On A Tor you are trying to estimate amount of exit "abusers" and catch them.

What about some simple exit traffic analysis to detect how many people are using non-encrypted communications?

We would have then the estimation about actual and potential abuse.

I propose to log just basic information: which port was used for connection. No traffic analysis, no saving information about the target server.
If it is default POP3 port, then we assume user is not using encrypted connection, and if it is default POP3S port we asume s/he does. Without doing real traffic analysis.

It would also be fine to have spme basic statistics about what kind of "internet services" (web, mail, IRC,...) are people using mostly. That would also help to design trafiic priority in the future...

It would also be usefulto have some basic information which are the most "targeted" servers (we can assume there are Hotmail, and similar), but there is a question whether that is ethical or not. But for design of a network would be fine to know which parts of network must be highly accessible.

bye, Matej