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Re: Snakes On A Tor

Thus spake Mike Perry (mikepery@xxxxxxxxxx):

> --------------  BIG FAT WARNING  -----------------
> Another possible giveaway is that I do not use uptime information in
> the node selection process. Nodes may be able to tell you are a
> Metatroller client if one of their neighbors for that circuit has
> extremely low uptime.

Oh, I also forgot to implement guard nodes. Woops. Maybe I will get to
that later.

It also bothers me slightly I don't verify directory signatures, but
unless there's a perl RSA implementation that's compatible with the
one used to sign the dir, there's not much chance in me doing that
ever. I do use key names instead of node names for path specification.
So the worst that could happen is that nodes disappear/change their
exit policies. Just don't download the directory through Tor for now
and it should be fine.

P.S. Nick/Roger, where is the TorCtl.py module mentioned in
contrib/TorControl.py? Not seeing it on the SVN web portal. It's a
pity I didn't see this contrib python before I went on my mad quest.
I've been looking for a reason to learn Python. 

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs