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More control over bandwidth

I've been following the Tor project for a few months now and am interested in contributing some bandwidth; however; I have limited uploading bandwidth, approximately 512kbps and sometimes it can be as much as half that during peak usage of my provider's network.  I also run a terminal server, an FTP/SFTP server, an SSH server, and an enterprise VNC server, all of which compete for bandwidth with my prospective Tor node which at a minimum consumes 20kiloBYTES (160kbps) and from what I have read, if the available upload bandwidth drops below this minimum amount, my node won't function properly.  (Perhaps I misunderstand, please correct me if this is the case)

Anyway, what I would LIKE to be able to do is have more control over the bandwidth my node requires, specifically, I want to donate a smaller quantity of bandwidth... a steady load of 32kbps with occasional bursting to 48kbps wouldn't be a problem and it seems to make sense (to me, at least) that more users would be able to serve up some bandwidth of their own if that 20kilobyte minimum requirement was trimmed.