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Re: Could i use tor to login Paypal?

At 01:02 PM 8/30/2006, Shava Nerad wrote:
It seems unlikely it's because of your Tor use, but we'll look for other anecdotes that might lead us to believe this to be the case.

Or, I could take 5 minutes and be proactive...:) I just sent to paypal's contact us - protections/privacy/security/account privacy address:

I'm the executive director of the Tor Project (http://tor.eff.org). We're getting reports that some people who use Tor, a proxy network, are getting their accounts frozen at Paypal. People are concerned about privacy today, and using a proxy network for privacy should be something that you would support.

Our network can cause the IP from which the user attaches at login to be separate from the IP from which the user logs out (this is to say, they can dynamically change exit node from the server cloud during the same session).

Does this cause paypal to flag the account? If so, can we encourage you to rethink this behavior?

I encourage you to check out http://tor.eff.org for more information, contact me, or search for tor.eff.org in google to find our mentions in reports by Human Rights Watch, mainstream media, Reporters without Borders, and many other groups that promote and value internet security and privacy.

Shava Nerad
Executive Director

I could have been more precise, but to dash this off in a few minutes and within their 1000 character limit...


Shava Nerad
Executive Director
617-767-6735 (cell)