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Re: Torbutton 1.1.6-alpha

Mike Perry wrote:
> Thus spake Kees Vonk (keesvonk@xxxxxxxxx):
>> I just installed torbutton 1.1.6, restarted firefox ( on
>> Kubuntu). Clicked on 'Tor Disabled', which changed to 'Tor Enabled'.
>> Then went to janusvm.peertech.org (which told me I was not using Tor),
>> then hit the back button and got a dialogue box with said: "False doc
>> hooking. Please report bug+website!" (my initial page was:
>> file:///usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html). After that I seem to
>> get that error on every page, even when just switching tabs (just opened
>> the above URL in a second tab).
>> Just closed firefox and clicked on the above URL to restart firefox, it
>> restarts with 'Tor Enabled', but no error. Then opened an new empty tab,
>> and then switch back to the initial one and straight away get the error
>> again. (Toggling Tor to disabled stops this behaviour, enabling it again
>> starts it again.)
> Is this bug reproducible? Does it happen every time for this website
> even after successive restarts of the browser? I am having
> difficulties reproducing this...

Happens every single time, at least with the janusvm link.

>> Also when I look at my extensions they don't seem to be disabled. I am
>> using the following extensions:
>> FoxyProxy - 2.5.3
>> NoScript - 1.1.5
> At a glance, I would suspect NoScript may be the culprit. If you
> disable that thing, does the issue persist?

Disabling NoScript does fix the problem, however it still did not use
Tor (according to janusvm.peertech.org). I had to disable FoxyProxy to
get Tor to work.
I normally make heavy use of those two extensions (when not using Tor),
does this mean I can't have Tor button and these two installed at the
same time?