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Can we beat the "Firewall of china" attack?

I am behind an ISA firewall so I need to use NTLMAPS to get through. My ISP have started to block TOR Servers to prevent anyone to connect through them. Yet I know I can access those servers through any free proxy already existing on the Internet, provided it can use SSL connections. It would be nice if I could point my TOR client to any of these proxies before it would connect to the TOR servers which are blocked. I know TOR allows for an HTTP proxy, but that one I have used to point to the NTLMAPS proxy already.
Do I stand any chance to beat my ISP? I only need TOR to acces the circuit initially throgh an existing HTTP server. Should my ISP detect the HTTP server and block it, what the hell, still there are zillions more to connect to. :)

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