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uninstalling Tor on the XP side of a MacBook


I use a MacBook with Parallels Desktop for the Mac to run XP and Mac
OS at the same time. In general it all works well.

I installed Tor on both the Mac and XP sides.

When I first tried to shut down the XP side after the Tor
installation, it hung. I tried to uninstall Tor, Vidalia, etc., using
the uninstall program. It still hangs. I now have to power off the XP
and Mac sides to shut down my laptop. The error message says to 'End
Now' the "Tor Network Map," but I can't hit the end now button under
the turnoff dialogue box. And "control alt delete" on a MacBook
keyboard doesn't work to shut down the XP program. When I boot up
solely on the XP side, the vidalia uninstall program is the only Tor
program that appears, and it doesn't uninstall.

I'm left with powering off both operating systems regularly. Ah, XP...

Any suggestions for getting rid of the Tor Network Map on the XP
permanently, for the time being, please?