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Re: Directory issues

I have the same problem. 3 days of "not enough to build a circuit".
Server: Viking, WinXp Vidalia 0.0.13 Tor

But right now Tor seems to work again...


coderman skrev:
On 8/12/07, Josh McFarlane <josh.mcfarlane@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I recently updated my Tor server to, however, I think
somethings wrong with the server now.

My server keeps updating the directory, but never enough to generate a circuit.

Aug 12 22:12:54.412 [notice] I learned some more directory
information, but not enough to build a circuit.

have you tried deleting your torrc config, and using no config, or the
default torrc?

Also, I don't appear to be updating at all on the Network Status pages:

that page appears to be quite out of date.  i see current descriptors
for this router published:
TulenianFreeSpeech $E7C779651CBA12075EC6C29C07616636744AEA59
2007-08-13 04:48:47 UTC

you appeared to have restarted on 2007-08-13, 2007-08-10, 2007-08-08,
and 2007-08-05 with successful descriptors published each time.

Anyone have any idea what might be going on?

the "not enough to build a circuit" is concerning.  let us know if a
new torrc fixes the problem or if it persists.

best regards,