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Re: ModSecurity v2 Apache rules for directory servers

Nice!  Thank you for that helpful information.
I will definitely take note of that with the next version of JanusVM.
Strict rules such as these are a very good idea, because it never hurts to check your  input  before processing it. 

On 8/11/07, Mike Cardwell <tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ#ServerForFirewalledClients
one of the suggested methods to get your Directory service on port 80 if Apache is
in the way is to use mod_proxy.

Personally I think sticking tors directory service behind Apache so it's
not exposed to the wider Internet directly is a good thing anyway. The
shear scale of development, usage and history of Apache makes me
confident that it is less likely to contain security holes than tor,
(see recent exploit)

This is not a dig! I am writing this email to share some ModSecurity
(http://www.modsecurity.org/ ) rules that I have been developing and using
to severely restrict the requests that get forwarded onto the tor daemon by
mod_proxy. Someone may find them useful. Here are the relevant parts of
my Apache vhost:

<Location /tor/>
   SecRuleEngine             On
   SecRequestBodyAccess      On
   SecResponseBodyAccess     Off
   SecRuleInheritance        Off
   SecAuditLogRelevantStatus "^500$"
   SecDefaultAction          "log,auditlog,deny,phase:2,status:500,severity:'2'"

   SecRule HTTP_HOST        "!^\d{1,3}(?>\.\d{1,3}){3}$" "msg:'Host header must be IP address'"
   SecRule REQUEST_PROTOCOL "!^HTTP/1\.[01]$"            "msg:'HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1 only'"
   SecRule REQUEST_METHOD   "!^GET$"                     "msg:'We only allow GETs here'"
   SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:Content-Length "!^0?$"        "msg:'No request message bodies allowed'"

   SecRule REQUEST_URI "!^/tor/server/authority$"                                       "chain,msg:'Badly formed uri'"
   SecRule REQUEST_URI "!^/tor/status/all$"                                             "chain"
   SecRule REQUEST_URI "!^/tor/running-routers$"                                        "chain"
   SecRule REQUEST_URI "!^/tor/dir\.z$"                                                 "chain"
   SecRule REQUEST_URI "!^/tor/server/(?>d|fp)/(?>[A-F0-9]{40})(?>\+[A-F0-9]{40})*\.z$" "chain"
   SecRule REQUEST_URI "!^/tor/status/fp/[A-F0-9]{40}(?>\+[A-F0-9]{40})*\.z$"


I put another http service behind Apache earlier this year unrelated to
tor (I wont mention the name of the product). After it had been running
for a couple of months, we found a DOS that could be performed
accidently by doing a GET request in a certain way. Whilst waiting
for a bug fix, because I had the flexibility of Apache in front of it,
it was a synch to just stick a rewrite rule in place to prevent the
request taking place and the DOS happening.

P.S. The "ProxyPassReverse" entry in the faq seems redundant as the tor
directory http service doesn't appear to ever return a redirect response.