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Re: Privoxy usage?

nobledark@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I have heard of the "TCP over TCP" issue but have not had any bad experiences so far. I am currently using both TCP and UDP-based VPN systems and while the TCP-based one is a bit slower, it still seems very stable for applications such as Terminal Services, FTP, http(s), etc. I do notice problems with some apps (FTP for example) if I'm trying to use a TCP-based connection over a satellite link - lot of TCP RSTs and "Zero Window"-type errors in the sniff though on some satellite systems even UDP-based tunnels don't seem to work very well for anything other than low bandwidth applications.

Same here. I use OpenVPN with my laptop as the client. I chose to use TCP over port 443, rather than the default UDP so I'd have no NAT/firewall issues as I move around from network to network. Works like a charm. I don't deny it's probably inefficient, but it's not noticably so. Not to me anyhow.