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Re: TorCheck - New Features

On Wed, Aug 29, 2007 at 07:11:01AM +0200, BlueStar88 wrote:
> the TorCheck at 'http://torcheck.xenobite.eu', a webbased Tor
> Usage-Detector, has got some new Features:
> 	Browser-Checks
> 	+ JavaScript-Support Check
> 	+ Cookies-Support Check
> 	Additional Tor-Node Reference to
> 	+ TorDNSEL-Service at 'exitlist.torproject.org'

Great, I'm happy to see this last one. It's been on my todo list to
track you down and let you know about the newly returned exitlist. :)

But why do you ask about exiting to google.com:80? Why not ask exitlist
whether there's a Tor node that will exit to torcheck.xenobite.eu:80?

(Or I guess in the case of https://torcheck.xenobite.eu/, a Tor node
that will exit to torcheck.xenobite.eu:443?)