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Tor is out

Tor implements most of the pieces to prevent infinite-length
circuit attacks (see proposal 110); fixes a bug that might cause exit
relays to corrupt streams they send back; allows address patterns
(e.g. to appear in ExcludeNodes and ExcludeExitNodes
config options; and fixes a big pile of bugs. Tor fixes
a pair of crash bugs in


Changes in version - 2008-08-04
  o Major bugfixes:
    - The address part of exit policies was not correctly written
      to router descriptors. This generated router descriptors that failed
      their self-checks. Noticed by phobos, fixed by Karsten. Bugfix
    - Tor triggered a false assert when extending a circuit to a relay
      but we already have a connection open to that relay. Noticed by
      phobos, fixed by Karsten. Bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Fix a hidden service logging bug: in some edge cases, the router
      descriptor of a previously picked introduction point becomes
      obsolete and we need to give up on it rather than continually
      complaining that it has become obsolete. Observed by xiando. Bugfix

  o Removed features:
    - Take out the TestVia config option, since it was a workaround for
      a bug that was fixed in Tor

Changes in version - 2008-08-03
  o Bootstrapping bugfixes (on 0.2.1.x-alpha):
    - Send a bootstrap problem "warn" event on the first problem if the
      reason is NO_ROUTE (that is, our network is down).

  o Major features:
    - Implement most of proposal 110: The first K cells to be sent
      along a circuit are marked as special "early" cells; only K "early"
      cells will be allowed. Once this code is universal, we can block
      certain kinds of DOS attack by requiring that EXTEND commands must
      be sent using an "early" cell.

  o Major bugfixes:
    - Try to attach connections immediately upon receiving a RENDEZVOUS2
      or RENDEZVOUS_ESTABLISHED cell. This can save a second or two
      on the client side when connecting to a hidden service. Bugfix
      on 0.0.6pre1. Found and fixed by Christian Wilms; resolves bug 743.
    - Ensure that two circuits can never exist on the same connection
      with the same circuit ID, even if one is marked for close. This
      is conceivably a bugfix for bug 779; fixes a bug on

  o Minor features:
    - When relays do their initial bandwidth measurement, don't limit
      to just our entry guards for the test circuits. Otherwise we tend
      to have multiple test circuits going through a single entry guard,
      which makes our bandwidth test less accurate. Fixes part of bug 654;
      patch contributed by Josh Albrecht.
    - Add an ExcludeExitNodes option so users can list a set of nodes
      that should be be excluded from the exit node position, but
      allowed elsewhere. Implements proposal 151.
    - Allow address patterns (e.g., to appear in
      ExcludeNodes and ExcludeExitNodes lists.
    - Change the implementation of ExcludeNodes and ExcludeExitNodes to
      be more efficient. Formerly it was quadratic in the number of
      servers; now it should be linear. Fixes bug 509.
    - Save 16-22 bytes per open circuit by moving the n_addr, n_port,
      and n_conn_id_digest fields into a separate structure that's
      only needed when the circuit has not yet attached to an n_conn.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Change the contrib/tor.logrotate script so it makes the new
      logs as "_tor:_tor" rather than the default, which is generally
      "root:wheel". Fixes bug 676, reported by Serge Koksharov.
    - Stop using __attribute__((nonnull)) with GCC: it can give us useful
      warnings (occasionally), but it can also cause the compiler to
      eliminate error-checking code. Suggested by Peter Gutmann.
    - When a hidden service is giving up on an introduction point candidate
      that was not included in the last published rendezvous descriptor,
      don't reschedule publication of the next descriptor. Fixes bug 763.
      Bugfix on
    - Mark RendNodes, RendExcludeNodes, HiddenServiceNodes, and
      HiddenServiceExcludeNodes as obsolete: they never worked properly,
      and nobody claims to be using them. Fixes bug 754. Bugfix on Patch from Christian Wilms.
    - Fix a small alignment and memory-wasting bug on buffer chunks. Spotted
      by rovv.

  o Minor bugfixes (controller):
    - When closing an application-side connection because its circuit
      is getting torn down, generate the stream event correctly.
      Bugfix on 0.1.2.x. Anonymous patch.

  o Removed features:
    - Remove all backward-compatibility code to support relays running
      versions of Tor so old that they no longer work at all on the
      Tor network.

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