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Re: Tor on iPhone / iPod touch

On 08/03/2009 01:11 PM, Michael Gomboc wrote:
> I would like to use tor with my iPod touch 1g OS 3. I found one project on
> that: http://wickedpsyched.net/nettools
> But that doesn't work on the OS 3.
> Someone knows about IPhone developing or have heard about someone who did
> the compiling?

A few people have managed to get Tor working on the iphone.  Right now,
you have to jailbreak your phone to get Tor on it.  However, we are
working on seeing how to get Tor onto phones without requiring the phone
to be jailbroken, and possibly via the App Store.

As of tor, configure supports "--enable-iphone" option.

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The Tor Project
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