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[Solved]: Tor-Server and dynamic ip.

Tom Hek wrote:
> On Aug 7, 2009, at 21:29:22 , Bernd Schmelter wrote:
>> Its an good idia to stop my runnig server before provider cuts my
>> internetsession with
>> cronjob ( /etc/init.d/tor stop )
>> an start it new after reconnect and ip-change?
>> Benn
> Hello Bernd,
> Tor detects a changed IP address and will republish it's descriptor
> with your new IP.

Yes, that i?ve found as Notice in my log.

> The Tor clients that are connected to your server
> will detect that it isn't reachable on the old IP and they will seek a
> new Tor router to make a new circuit.

Ok, so i will nothing change here. :-)