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Re: unsubscribe or-talk

Scott Bennett wrote:
     On Mon, 10 Aug 2009 17:42:56 -0400 Michael Cozzi
<cozzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dan Collins wrote:
As was noted the last ten times (by my count) someone did this, and as
you were told when you registered, and as you are told in every email
sent by this list, and just like any other mailing list using this
software, of which there are a great many, your message says this:

Subject: unsubscribe or-talk
and a few lines later,

X-To-Get-Off-This-List: mail majordomo@xxxxxxxx, body unsubscribe or-talk
Apparently, the illiterate still manage to learn how to subscribe
to mailing lists (perhaps their kids show them how?), though to what
purpose is anyone's guess.
One of the things I love about being an IT Professional is, in general, being really smart. One of the things I hate about being an IT Professional is when the "really smart" look down their nose at someone who apparently can't do something simple.

USENET from 1992 is pretty much finished and I would personally be gratified, not that it matters, if you just explained the proper command to the guy instead of proving to me, and everyone else, that indeed you have mastered Majordomo.

I, for one, wasn't impressed. There's probably a good amount of "user class" subscriptions to this list. Try to remember that those folks actually get attention from women, and have what we, the IT People, only dream of: Lives.

   Yes, I've had a bad day. But please... be nice.

     Actually, most/all of what he posted was a quotation without citation
of me from several weeks ago, IIRC, when yes, I had had a bad day.  However,
it doesn't matter whether a person is familiar with majordomo, listserv, or
other mailing list software.  What matters is whether they can read and
bother to do so.
     FWIW, I responded privately to the OP in the current case, quoting and
undercareting the header in question and asking him to unsubscribe himself.
He then wrote back, asking me how to do it!  So I wrote once again, stating
that I couldn't believe it, this time placing a large, vertical arrow below
the undercareting and pointing upward toward it.  That time he finally got
it.  Sigh.  If you can think of any excuse for that, I'd love to read it.


   I'll just let my comment stand on it's own merits.