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[Fwd: Re: BetterPrivacy does not allow remote code execution]


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Zadeva: Re: BetterPrivacy does not allow remote code execution
Datum: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 10:14:37 +0200
Od: M Krg
Reply-to: M Krg
Za: Matej Kovacic

Hello Matej,

I already commented that "review" on AMO.

It is nothing but a Hoax, maybe a bad joke!
That means nothing is true about it.

There is someone who wants to get some more visitors to his website,
doing so by posting sensational stories on that well visited site.

I'm absolutely sure that this story will be removed by AMO editors
soon. Just don't believe everything what's written on the net. There
exist a lot of other hoaxes, some even on multiple sites.

Ingo aka NettiCat