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Tor Browser Bundle for Gnu/Linux

This is very important: Ensure that you do not have Tor, Vidalia,
Privoxy, Polipo or Firefox running.

Run it:

 cd "Tor Browser_de/Tor\ Browser"
 ./"Start Tor Browser"

If you'd like to follow along at home, you can build it from source like =

 svn co https://tor-svn.freehaven.net/svn/torbrowser/trunk/
 cd build-scripts
 time make -f Makefile.linux build-all-binaries
 time make -f Makefile.linux all-compressed-bundles

If you're on a reasonable system, you should see some results in about
an hour. You'll see all of the localized tar.gz files in ttbl-release/
if all goes well.

Here's a list of known issues that I intend to tackle over the next day
or so:

	openssl needs to be a shared library
	The google search box needs to be removed
	How shall we solve the tarball splitting? shar files?
	I should investigate the Qt warning
	We should use custom icon for ease of use
	If vidalia quits, take firefox and other stuff with it
	Investigate data leaks that happen outside of the TBB directory


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