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Re: An asking concirning the TB

On Thu, 12 Aug 2010 09:16:14 +0000
James Brown <jbrownfirst@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 1. What is the bug in the TB which lets that test define that I use
> Mozilla under Windows but not IE under Windows? Or the TB masqueradge
> only the OS not the type of browser? (I thought that it masqueradge
> the type of browser too, am I not right?).

Torbutton sets a common user agent to make all users look alike.   See
https://www.torproject.org/torbutton/design/#id2935059 for details.

> 2. It defined that by the browser characteristic "HTTP_ACCEPT
> Headers" those are only one in about 7000 browsers have that value.
> Why? What could mean the above value of that characterisrics?

Maybe Seth or Peter can answer this question based on the code logic
in panopticlick.

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