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Re: Tor Project 2008 Tax Return Now Online

On 8/19/10, Seth David Schoen <schoen@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Even if any particular anon system was comprimiseable, why would
any comprimising organization [save the full disclosure types] wish
to play their trump card in public??? If any anon system is comprimisable,
far better to listen in, under the convenient seal of black ops, until such a
time as enough has been learned to effect an 'indictment' upon much more
common fare, grounds and methods.
The users of anon systems would always be better off assuming that
they are indeed 'made' when calculating their exposure to certain riskes.
And further, they should integrate defenses to those riskes into their
usual mode of operations... rather than trust any given system blindly.
Yes, it is good to watch the news and public records in detail. As sure,
all trump cards are eventually played on table... the only question
is when, and for how long they've been held.

And given the subject of calculating riskes... any particular strong anon
system is likely good enough for all purposes not invoving a position in
which the direct target of such purpose is the same as one which is in a
position to prosecute: ie: government.

If you have ever talked to anyone related to the governent, you would
know this is the case as they are hesitant to even mention the most
mundane of obvious 'secret operational methods' used to go after, say,
the most common of street whores or drug dealers. Does one not think
that the grand high holy of holies between thy legs would be far more
protected from disclosure than that?

Onward Tor et al!
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